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Nyved Forestry

Nyved Forestry is a Finnish roundwood trading company, founded in 1993. The main opertional area is south of the line between the cities of Turku and Kotka in Finland. Half of the annual turnover comes from the roundwood trade and the second half from energy wood trade.

The roundwood is mainly bought from forest owners within our operational area, either delivered to roadside or on root. The wood is then sold to the forest industry in Finland or abroad.

For the energychip trade all kinds of forest fuel is procured and then chipped or crushed and delivered to numerous biomass boilers, mainly within our operational area. To be able to ensure the delivery of high quality biomass in any circumstances the company today has several terminals storing different kinds of raw material for chipped energy biomass. The company strives to keep a biomass supply that corresponds to 1,5 years of delivery volume. This means that the biomass trade continues throughout the year.

The annual volume of the roundwood trade is over 100 000 m3 and the volume of the biomass delivery is more than 300 000 l-m3.

The long-term goal of Nyved is that all wood bought by the company has to be either PEFC- (PEFC/02-31-317) or FSC®- (FSC-C127383) certified. The company's leadership and personnel have committed to fulfill the requirements of the PEFC and FSC CoC standards and thereby ensure that the company can meet the expectations and requirements of it's suppliers, customers and partners.


Currently, the company has four foremen handling procurement and coordinating transports and other logistics within their own operational areas.

To be able to implement logging, transportation and manufacturing of energy biomass the company has several agreement contractors who provides for the agreed upon deliveries in all conditions.


Markus Johansson, chairman
Lars Björklöf, vice chairman
Kim Forsman, member
Kim Männikkö, member